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    Hopper voted to allow the staff of universities and religious institutions to engage in concealed carry of firearms for campus and church safety.
    A number of additional orders may be made by a judge at the time of sentencing - either optional or mandatory.
    These design principles also works well in black and white and creates differentiation for those with the most common forms of color blindness.
    Thus the Hellenic laws treated all forms of theft, assault, rape, and murder as private wrongs, and left action for enforcement up to the victims or their survivors.
    King voted in favor of the so-called nuclear option in November of 2013 to eliminate the filibuster for most Presidential nominees, based on that view.
    Admission to the new hospital was at first limited because of lack of funds.
    In some cases women were recruited based on their physical appearance, with an emphasis placed on youth and virginity.

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    Colorado National Guard faces at the state and federal levels.
    To the South she walks and she returns a young woman.
    Background checks are done for all key employee and state gambling license and vendor applicants.
    Fritzl's attorney, Rudolf Mayer, confirmed that a disguised Elisabeth sat in the visitors' gallery during the second day of proceedings, at the time her video testimony was aired.
    During each performance, there were more than five Encores.
    Dillinger escaped from jail twice; he was also charged with, but never convicted of, the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana police officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet-proof vest during a shootout, prompting him to return fire.
    Today, an estimated 100,000 people work in Burbank every day.

    Brand new acts signed to the label included the Tranzmitors and Eskimo Disco.
    Some 300 workers were convicted on document fraud charges within four days.
    The remainder of the Bureau is personnel in various staff roles from office administrative assistants to intelligence analysts and electronic specialists.
    During this time, he had become a successful real estate agent; after the 1960 election, he became a property developer in a mobile home park on the outskirts of Anchorage.
    Although the degree of impairment may vary among individuals with the same blood alcohol content, it can be measured objectively and is therefore legally useful and difficult to contest in court.
    Eastern Australian states and territories liberalised their laws in the late-20th century, however liberalisation has been restricted by upper houses of Parliament of several States, with legislation either being defeated or extensively amended.
    After European settlement increased, traders and fur trappers often married or had unions with women of native tribes.

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